Setting yourself apart as a leader means stepping up as a teacher

Too often, management is seen as task managing. Step-by-step process management that is more akin to ruling and dictating than it is with actually leading. The best managers bring a flavor of insight that can be meaningful for the teams they manage, and they can get into the real nervous system of their organizations by looking deeply at behaviors that are driving the key members of their teams. Doing so provides a layer of introspection, but more importantly, it provides teams wi...
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Spotlight - Harvesting hospital leadership voices

One of my favorite things about working at the Texas Hospital Association is the opportunity to work with thoughtful leaders across the state with varying areas of intense focus. To help coalesce the diverse interest and priorities, we developed a section of HealthShare's Solutions magazine to prominently feature the points-of-view of many of these leaders. The Board Member Spotlight in the magazine appears online as well as print and serves as an important cornerstone of the publicatio...
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Building a team on appreciation for heavy-lifting and recognition of shared vision

It's easy to get frazzled and caught up in your to-do list. Pulled form one meeting to the next, your team often has your back, and you might not even know it. When you do find out that something you left hanging in the balance was caught by a team member, it is easy to swiftly recognize the effort with a quick word of thanks. Certainly, there are times when that can be enough (depending on the catch). Often, though, perhaps it's smarter to recognize one of the most valuable efforts a te...
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About the Author

Lance Lunsford Lance Lunsford is the president/CEO of HealthShare and THA chief marketing/business development officer. In his multifaceted role, Lunsford oversees THA’s member communications, marketing, advocacy communications, and business development. At HealthShare, he leads the for-profit THA subsidiary that collaborates with more than 50 THA-endorsed companies. Prior to joining THA, Lunsford served UMC Health System in Lubbock, Texas, as director of corporate marketing. Lunsford has a master’s degree in business administration from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Texas A&M University.