Managing a Good Culture: Reaching beyond the superficial

Building employee satisfaction must go beyond fuse-ball tables and bean bag chairs.
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New tone set in cost of health care narrative

Since the introduction of Obamacare, the unfortunate narrative around fixing health care has centered around whether political leaders were 'for' or 'against' Obamacare. The conversation around health care costs for too long has been too complex to engage the media's limited bandwidth in a way that would garner the public's attention to allow them to form a valuable opinion beyond the binary debate.And the news yesterday that a consortium of companies were banding togethe...
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With a Fresh Approach, HealthShare Heads to THA’s Annual Conference and Expo in Houston

At the 2018 THA Annual Conference and Expo set to begin Feb. 5 in Houston, we are excited for the opportunity to have over 400 of our members examine our endorsed partners under one roof -- a chance to not only reintroduce HealthShare to our members but also to acquaint our hospital leaders with our newest endorsed partners whose value today is higher than ever thanks to our revamped operations.
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About the Author

Lance Lunsford Lance Lunsford is the president/CEO of HealthShare and THA chief marketing/business development officer. In his multifaceted role, Lunsford oversees THA’s member communications, marketing, advocacy communications, and business development. At HealthShare, he leads the for-profit THA subsidiary that collaborates with more than 50 THA-endorsed companies. Prior to joining THA, Lunsford served UMC Health System in Lubbock, Texas, as director of corporate marketing. Lunsford has a master’s degree in business administration from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Texas A&M University.