THA Continuing Support for Texas Hospital Employees in Harvey Impact Zone

This week, Ted Shaw and I sat down to discuss the work the Texas Hospital Association is doing to support Texas hospital employees devastated by the Hurricane Harvey aftermath.
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Supporting Hospital Employees in Time of Need

THA is committed to ensuring the stability of the health care workforce in Texas. As we all know, the Gulf Coast's response to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey will be here for some time. THA is rising to the occasion to support the hospital community in wake of the disaster to ensure our hospital colleagues get the support they need while maintaining the vital health care infrastructure of the region.
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The Distinguishing Factor in Developing Solutions

Have you envisioned how to operationalize your ideas? If not, they could be very bad ideas that just sound good.
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Lance Lunsford Lance Lunsford is the president/CEO of HealthShare and THA chief marketing/business development officer. In his multifaceted role, Lunsford oversees THA’s member communications, marketing, advocacy communications, and business development. At HealthShare, he leads the for-profit THA subsidiary that collaborates with more than 50 THA-endorsed companies. Prior to joining THA, Lunsford served UMC Health System in Lubbock, Texas, as director of corporate marketing. Lunsford has a master’s degree in business administration from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Texas A&M University.