Want to Become Endorsed?

Do you have what it takes to become a THA-endorsed company? HealthShare continually is on the lookout for potential new endorsed companies that meet our high standards and rigorous selection process.

Over the years, the family of THA-endorsed companies has grown to more than five dozen – spanning everything from recruitment solutions to back-office support and clinical improvements. Endorsements are exclusive -- we are seeking the singular, best-of-breed provider in each specific service/product line. Endorsed companies gain exclusive rights to use the THA-endorsed company logo, and enjoy extensive marketing support through HealthShare.

Benefits of Endorsement

As a THA-endorsed company, you gain access to:

  • Exclusive rights to use the THA-endorsed company logo;
  • InfoSHARE, a bimonthly newsletter of industry updates;
  • Marketing exposure through the quality Sharing newsletter;
  • Marketing exposure through Best Practices articles in Texas Hospitals magazine;
  • Promotion on HealthShare website, including the opportunity to post your own news, events and resources;
  • Opportunity to co-sponsor educational events to THA members;
  • Marketing blasts from HealthShare to THA members, promoting your company’s endorsed product or service;
  • Opportunity to participate in HealthShare Speakers Bureau for statewide exposure;
  • First option on premier booth space and sponsorship opportunities at THA events; and
  • Market intelligence and personal sales resources from HealthShare’s four regional executives.
Seal, THA Endorsed Company