Research and Analysis You Can Trust

HealthShare’s team brings decades of health care experience to their research and assessment of potential endorsed products and services. We rely on member input and industry trends to identify hospitals’ most critical operational challenges. Once we identify a need for a particular program or service, we undertake extensive research and analysis of the best prospective endorsement candidates.

How THA Chooses Endorsed Companies:

Step 1: Identify Need
HealthShare consults with health care executives, THA leaders and advisory groups, staff and others.

Step 2: Conduct Market Scan for Potential Candidates
HealthShare develops criteria, seeks referrals from hospitals, advisory groups, industry contacts and others, and routes RFP to potential candidates.

Step 3: Evaluate Lead Candidates
HealthShare conducts onsite visits and evaluates business proposals, financials, marketing plans and customer referrals. HealthShare staff recommends finalists to HealthShare Board of Directors.

Step 4: Award Endorsement
Once a company passes our high standards for quality, service and integrity, HealthShare recommends it to the THA Board of Trustees for endorsement.

Key selection criteria for an endorsement include:

  • The company’s financial strength;
  • Experience and track record;
  • Staff and leadership;
  • Distribution capabilities;
  • Strategic plans;
  • Customer service;
  • Integrity and professionalism;
  • Commitment to excellence.